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By Dave Grandmaison

Our team is dedicated to knowing what’s happening in Duluth – be it newsworthy developments in the outdoor recreation realm, special events held throughout the year, local concerts and theater, or the burgeoning Duluth art scene – we like to stay informed so we can make excellent recommendations to our guests.

Part of being informed is finding the right people to provide you with the information. That’s why I decided to put together a quick post on my favorite “what’s-happening” blogsters. Have your own special Duluth information sources? Leave a comment and let us know who keeps you in the know.

1. Duluthians (Perfect Duluth Day)

Perfect Duluth Day was founded in 2003 by Scott “Starfire” Lunt and Barrett Chase. According to their website, PDD was founded as “a community blog for Duluthians to share information about the events, history and culture of the area“. With additional team members Brian Barber, Cory Fechner and Paul Lundgren, PDD has grown in size and scope and most definitely serves its defined purpose.

The eclectic content on PDD is created by over 2,000 registered users, who author the posts that appear each day while hundreds of viewers contribute through comments to the posts. Their calendar of events is a great place to find out what is happening throughout the week and is essential for staying on top of all the great events going on in Duluth.

2. Howie Hanson (HowieBlog.com)

Howie Hanson is Duluth’s one and only full-time blogger.

Howie has 40-plus years of full-time independent journalism experience in the Duluth-Superior area. His sports and community news columns have appeared in nearly every newspaper and magazine in the market, including the former Twin Ports People free monthly tabloid he founded and edited for over 18 years, and the Duluth News Tribune, Superior Evening Telegram, Duluth Budgeteer News and Hermantown Star.

Generally regarded as Duluth’s ‘most-connected’ journalist, Howie covers local news, local events and sports, and the people and places that make Duluth a news-worthy town. Howie mashes up the local and regional media and curates the news in an easy to navigate and information-rich website.

3. Ed Newman (Ennyman’s Territory)

Ed is a man who plays many roles – community leader, marketing executive, artist, and blogger. His Ennyman’s Territory blog is basically a live-feed covering the exciting Duluth art scene. With daily updates detailing new installations, local artist profiles, and historic artistic connections to Duluth… Ennyman’s Territory is a great resource and synopsis for the artistically inclined… and art noobs (like me).

I had the pleasure of running into Ed during a recent outing on the town. Ed and I ran into each other at the Prøve Collective where Sean P. Connaughty had curated the Permafuture installation featuring a slew of interesting pieces from a variety of local artists. It was immediately evident that there is a lot of excitement and energy driving Ed’s detailed promotion of the Duluth art scene. If you want to learn more about what’s happening in Duluth – make sure to subscribe to Ed’s blog.

4. Hansi Johnson (Universal Klister)

Hansi’s efforts to help push Duluth to the forefront of the Midwest mountain bike scene are herculean and if you’ve ever put feet to pedal and tire to trail in Duluth… chances are you’ve heard of Hansi.

As the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s Midwest Regional Director, Hansi worked closely with the City of Duluth and the Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS) to obtain grants and push the development of purpose-built mountain bike trails across the city. Hansi recently took a jointly funded position with the Minnesota Land Trust and the City of Duluth to focus his efforts even more closely on the development of recreational opportunities in Duluth. This is great news for Duluth.

Universal Klister is part blog, part gallery, and all passion. Hansi’s skills with the camera tell amazing stories of adventure and excitement for the outdoors and his eloquent writing expands this energy to like-minded folks in Duluth and beyond. This blog is highly recommended folks.

5. Ingrid Hornibrook (Destination Duluth)

Ingrid is a recent transplant to Duluth and has jumped right into action with her collaboration with the folks at Destination Duluth. According to Ingrid, as far back as she can remember she wanted to be a writer. Her work is a testament to this dream.

Ingrid’s posts on the Destination Duluth blog capture the organization’s mission to showcase the hip, active lifestyle and vibe of Duluth. While there’s no lack of compelling stories to cover, it takes a special talent to capture the true essence of the people and places that make Duluth so unique. I also think it is nice to have Ingrid’s fresh perspective on Duluth – especially given the goal that Destination Duluth has to reach out to folks in other parts of the country that have some connection to this place.

In 2012, Ingrid launched The Word Refinery in an effort to focus her dream of writing content for websites, newsletters, and blogs. Check out her site and see for yourself.

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