5 Fun Facts About Oktoberfest

The World’s Most Famous Beer Festival

I’m not German… but I’ve got a tendency to enjoy German beer and I really enjoy German beer during the world’s most famous beer season – Oktoberfest! It’s one of my favorite beer celebrations – the tradition, the delicious “fest” beers, and the lederhosen.

Oktoberfest Duluth

Well guess what folks… you don’t have to travel to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest. We do a pretty good job of celebrating here in Duluth. Check out The Duluth Experience’s Facebook Events Page to see a bunch of great Oktoberfest celebrations planned for the next couple of weeks.


5 Fun Facts About Oktoberfest

1. Oktoberfest starts in September! Yep. The name itself is a misnomer and if you wait until October to pull your lederhosen from storage… you’ve missed most of the fun. Although, if you own lederhosen you probably already know this and are already planning next year’s festivities.

2. Lederhosen are as iconic as the Scottish kilt and the American cowboy hat. Traditionally considered workwear in Bavaria, lederhosen are basically considered leisurewear today and are strongly associated with Germany and beer festivals in pop culture.


3. Albert Einstein worked at Oktoberfest. It’s rumored that a 17-year old Albert Einstein helped to set up the Munich Oktoberfest beer tents back in 1896 when he was working as an electrician. One might argue that Oktoberfest celebration had an important influence on this young theoretical physicists’ discoveries – including the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics!

4. Anita Schwarz holds the World Record for carrying the most beer steins. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Anita Schwarz carried 19 (full) beer steins a distance of over 40 meters (~131 feet 3) on November 9th, 2008 in Mesenich, Germany. Apparently she carried five steins in each hand and stacked the remaining 9 steins on top of them, then she delivered the beer to 19 thirsty festers and even set the steins down on the table without spilling a drop!

5. Over 1.8-million gallons of beer are consumed each year at Oktoberfest in Munich. Beer consumption peaked in 2011 when people drank an estimated 1.9 million gallons… that’s 7.5 million 1-liter steins of beer. I wonder how much beer is consumed in Duluth during the Oktoberfest celebrations.

Join a Duluth Experience Brewery Tour and learn more about Oktoberfest in the Twin Port while sampling amazing beers brewed with Lake Superior Water!

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