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Award-Winning Ales and Lagers Handcrafted in Small Batches

Go Behind-The-Scenes At The Fitger’s Brewhouse

The Fitger’s Brewhouse has consistently pushed the definition of Duluth’s craft beer scene towards greatness. Award winning and just plain delicious – “The Brewhouse” offers so many flavors throughout the year that it’s hard to keep track. The brewing team – led by Head Brewer, Alex “Coke” Chocholousek – plays their 10-barrel brewery like a fine musical instrument whose notes quench the thirst and excite the senses. Their brews set the stage for The Brewhouse’s friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you can sit down at the bar and share a pint with old friends or spark up a jovial conversation with new friends… and all of this paired with a fantastic menu of homegrown favorites.

fitger's brewhouse tour

The Fitger’s Brewhouse is the brewpub that started it all. Image: The Duluth Experience.

Fun Fact: If you mapped The Brewhouse family tree… you’d discover that many of our region’s brewers and brewery staff have deep connections to the brewpub that literally started the craft beer scene in Duluth.

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