Lake Superior Brewing Company
Duluth's Original Craft Brewery

Lake Superior Brewing Company

Lake Superior Brewing LogoLake Superior Brewing Company is widely considered the anchor of Northern Minnesota’s craft beer community. Founded in 1994 by scientist Bob Dromeshauser, “LSB” quickly grew out of its 120 square foot brew-space in the Fitger’s Complex and relocated to Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood where they continued to create new brews and grow their distribution. Today, their brewery includes a taproom where folks can enjoy true-to-style beers and fun cask brews created by brewers Dale Kleinschmidt and Charlie Fuller.

Fun Fact: Lake Superior Brewing is Duluth’s oldest craft brewery and was started by a couple of guys who loved homebrewing… and who actually helped found Minnesota’s oldest homebrew club – The Northern Ale Stars.

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