Over a Pint Interview with Frank Kaszuba

A Chat with Head Brewer Frank Kaszuba | Over A Pint

Frank Kaszuba Fitgers BrewhouseFor those of you don’t already know him, Frank Kaszuba is the Head Brewer at the Fitger’s Brewhouse. Frank crafted his first batch of home brew while living in Alaska all the way back in 1991. After earning his Master’s degree in biology from the University of Minnesota Duluth he apprenticed at Lake Superior Brewing Company and learned a lot about the brewing process on a brewery-level scale. Inspired to continue his brewing education, Frank moved to Anchorage where he dove into the community’s vibrant brewing scene. Luckily for us, Frank moved back to Duluth and was eventually hired by the Fitger’s Brewhouse in 2001.

We had a chance to sit down with Frank over a pint and chat a little bit about his background in brewing and his work at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, MN.

A Chat with Head Brewer Frank Kaszuba | Over A Pint

You can learn more about the Fitger’s Brewhouse (including their vast menu of locally brewed beer) here: www.fitgersbrewhouse.com.

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