Cold Press Black Hits Shelves

Breaking news for craft beer lovers!
By Dave Grandmaison

Quick Link: Exclusive Interview with Bryon Tonnis, Director of Brewery Operations, Bent Paddle Brewing Company.

The other day I walked into the Duluth Coffee Company for a meeting and stumbled across some very happy coffee roasters hovering over a few cans of a beer that caught my attention. The scene looked a little like this:

Eric and Charlie [from Duluth Coffee Company] filled me in that Bent Paddle had – just that morning – canned their first run of the much loved Cold Press Black Ale. They’d canned something like 600 cases! They immediately poured me a little sample and we celebrated momentarily before they went back to roasting beans and I went on to my meeting. It was a welcome mid-day celebration amongst friends.

If you don’t know about this specialty beer, you’ll want to check out the Bent Paddle website. Basically, it’s Bent Paddle’s signature Black Ale infused with true cold press coffee from Duluth Coffee Company. Not only is it a great beer… it’s a great example of the fun collaborations that continue to enrich the Duluth craft beer scene and the local business community as a whole.

Bent Paddle’s press release lays it out (but listen to our exclusive interview with Byron Tonnis, Director of Brewery Operations):

DULUTH, MINN. – OCTOBER 21, 2014 – Bent Paddle Brewing Company announces its plans to distribute its signature COLD PRESS BLACK in cans and kegs within its current marketplace beginning the week of 10/27/14. COLD PRESS BLACK will be available to most current accounts that sell Bent Paddle beer. Use the beer finder at their website: to locate a retail outlet and contact the location for current availability.

“The concept for this beer really started out as a way to vary our initial taproom offerings. When we opened a year and a half ago, we had two beers on tap and this was a way for us to explore the Black Ale recipe we had developed while offering our customers something new.” says Colin Mullen, co-founder at Bent Paddle Brewing Co. “It turned into a great example of a community partnership with Duluth Coffee jumping in to provide us the cold press. We know beer, they know coffee – it’s a perfect match” adds Laura Mullen, co-founder at Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

COLD PRESS BLACK follows the same base beer recipe as Bent Paddle Black, but is infused with Duluth Coffee Company Cold Press just prior to packaging. The result is a smoother coffee beer experience. “There is less bitterness in the coffee infusion because the coffee is steeped cold rather than extracted with hot water.” says Eric Faust, Owner and roaster at Duluth Coffee Co.

COLD PRESS BLACK will be released in specialty 12oz. 4-packs of cans rather than the standard 6-pack. The cost of ingredients is much higher with this beer, so the smaller packs will allow the price to stay more closely aligned with their flagship 6-packs. Bent Paddle draft accounts will also be able to purchase kegs of COLD PRESS BLACK with more regularity.

“It has been one of our most requested specialty beers. People really wanted to see this beer in cans from the first time we made it – so we did!” says Bryon Tonnis, co-founder and Director of Brewery Operations. He adds “Initially we were making this beer one keg at a time, so in order to increase production we had to scale up our process and support operations to produce this beer on a larger scale – and we are thrilled to see that succeed”.

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