Dark History Tour Recap

Great Storytelling and Spine-Tingling Tales

By Dave Grandmaison

Duluth is a proud city with an amazingly rich history. Tales of hard-working Duluthians overcoming the hardships of the Northwoods and laboring tirelessly to build the city that we know and love today are plentiful. From the early Native American settlements along the St. Louis River to the growth of the shipping industry and the excitement and pride we see surging today… stories of triumph and success have come to define both the history and future of modern Duluth.

However, there is another side of Duluth that tells of unfortunate events and tragedies that, while equally important for understanding the city’s history, often go untold.

In an effort to relate these lesser well known stories of Duluth’s past, The Duluth Experience launched a brand new history tour in October 2015. The Dark History Bus Tour explores another side of Duluth’s story – the not-so-rosy tales of gunfights, murders, legends, tragedies, and some of the reported hauntings that have contributed to Duluth’s historical legacy.

Dark History Tour Group

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The Dark History Bus Tour explores great stories and historic events related to the pirates of Park Point, the bloody wage strike of 1889, strange disappearances and sinister murders (to name but a few). Scattered among these compelling, yet tragic stories, were tales of local hauntings and a visit to an all-but-forgotten cemetery in the heart of Duluth. In good old fashioned Halloween tradition, this tour delves into supernatural stories with great storytelling and just enough skepticism to leave guests wondering if hauntings like those reported at Glensheen Mansion, the NorShor Theater, and Nopeming Sanatorium could actually be true.

Despite it’s dark content, the Dark History Bus Tour is a fun way to explore Duluth’s history and we’re excited to announce that this tour is already on the calendar for this October. Combined with our year-round City Tour Program, we are committed to telling the tales of Duluth and making it fun for our guests as they get to know Duluth’s rich history.

Ghost Fleet of Lake Superior

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Join us for The Dark History Bus Tour and explore Duluth’s Dark History with fun, expert guides from The Duluth Experience this October.

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