Duluth’s Dark History Tour

True Stories, Tragedies, and Legends

It’s finally October, and while the days grow shorter the excitement for our favorite holiday builds. Halloween is a time of fun and celebration – pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating with the kids, costume parties, maybe a few pranks – but it’s also a time of reflection and storytelling.

During the Halloween season, it’s important to remember the those that have lived and died in Duluth… and not just the well-known and famous characters from Duluth’s History – certainly they are to be honored and celebrated – but also the poor and (often) unfortunate souls from Duluth’s more tragic past.

Duluth Dark History Bus Tour

Guest board The Duluth Experience tour bus to begin the Dark History Bus Tour in Canal Park. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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Duluth’s history is certainly rich and there are many stories to tell. In the good old fashioned Halloween tradition, we developed a tour that tells the tales of Duluth’s past with a focus on the true stories, tragedies, and legends that typically go untold. We call it the Dark History Bus Tour and it’s designed to entertain, educate and… perhaps… get you a little spooked in the process.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t some hokey supernatural tour designed to scare you with actors dressed up like goblins and ghouls. The stories you’ll learn are spooky enough on their own! This is a true Dark History Tour with real stories about real people who have come to unfortunate demises and, in some cases, the hauntings that some (supposedly) have experienced in their passing.

Join us for The Dark History Bus Tour and explore Duluth’s Dark History with fun, expert guides from The Duluth Experience this October.

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