Duluth Experience Gift Certificates
Become a Gifting Hero With the Gift of Experience

Be The Gifting Hero When You Gift An Experience

We’re firm believers that life is all about the experiences we share with friends and family. That’s the foundation upon which The Duluth Experience is built. Our mission is to connect people… to Duluth, to active adventures, and to each other. That’s the energy behind each and every experience that we’ve created. It’s something we value and we know that you do to.

The Easiest… And Best Gift Ever!

This is he easiest gift you’ll ever give but it’s also going to be the best because we all know that experiences are what life is really all about. We value experiences more than we value things and the memories of our best experiences stick with us for a lifetime. So, here’s how you do it:

  1. Choose the experience(s) you’d like to send as a gift from list or select the “Choose Your Own Adventure” option to let your lucky recipient(s) select their own experience.
  2. Enter your lucky recipient’s name and a personalized message when prompted (OPTIONAL) and we’ll send you the gift card via email.
  3. You decide how you’d like to give the gift card code and then the recipient can then use that code to register for their next Duluth Experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure Gift Cards

The Choose Your Own Adventure Gift Cards are a great option because they can be redeemed for any Duluth Experience. You don’t need to make the decision ahead of time.

City Tour Gift Cards

Summer Adventure Tour Gift Cards

Winter Adventure Tour Gift Cards