Duluth’s First Food and Arts Tour has Launched

Duluth gets its first foodie arts tour in Historic Downtown

By Gunnar Tubbs – Marketing Intern

The newest tour from the team at The Duluth Experience is designed to connect people with The Historic Arts and Theater (also known as the HART) District – a nexus for performing, visual, and culinary arts in Downtown Duluth.

New Energy Brewing in Duluth

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The HART of Duluth Walking Tour provides an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience focused on exciting local businesses and community organizations who are breathing a new energy into Duluth’s craft community. During the first stop on the walking tour, guests get to explore a coffee roastery and sample the sensory experience of sipping coffee while learning about ethically sourced beans, production techniques, and the “fourth wave” of coffee’s cultural evolution. On the second stop, guests will connect with a local glass artist, explore his gallery, and enjoy a glass blowing demonstration of his craft before delving into the origin story of his business and connection to the Duluth’s HART District. Then it’s off to a local art gallery, theater, cinema, and art inspired cafe for a visual and culinary sampling of what it means to support the arts community and quality of life in Duluth. Finally, guests will end their experience with a brewery tour and sampling at a Belgian-inspired downtown brewery.

HART of Duluth Walking Tour

“We’ve wanted to create a city tour focused on the arts for a while now and with all the new energy brewing in the HART, we knew that the time was right to create new partnerships and highlight these great local businesses” explains Duluth Experience co-founder Dave Grandmaison. “Theses are our friends. They’re doing amazing things. Our role is connecting the dots and telling their stories while placing their passion within the context of Duluth’s craft community.”

HART of Duluth Walking Tour

The HART of Duluth Walking Tour features:

  • Duluth Coffee Company: Duluth Coffee Company is committed to creating quality coffee using fresh beans, proper roasting techniques and a sense of place. They represent the evolution of the coffee experience…right here in the HART of Duluth.
  • Lake Superior Art Glass: Lake Superior Art Glass is a complete torch-work glass studio & gallery in the HART of Downtown Duluth. Their gallery features over 60 glass artists, daily glasswork demonstrations, and classes where participants can learn the basics and make their own wine goblets, pendants, and marbles.
  • Zeitgeist Arts Café: Zeitgeist is about enhancing and enriching the life of our community. Their foundation offers artists a venue to earn income from their work and encourages them to be bold by offering a venue free of censorship, judgment, or restriction. Zeitgeist is helping to define Duluth as a culturally rich and creative community.
  • Blacklist Artisan Ales: Blacklist Brewing team describes themselves as a “gypsy brewing, nomadic, operation” with a truly artisan approach to creating fine concoctions of water, malt, hops, and yeast. Head brewer Brian Schanzenbach creates flavorful ales in small batches, using unique recipes and bold techniques… it’s a new take on Belgian-style beer with a Northland flair.

HART of Duluth Walking Tour

This brand new walking tour from the Duluth Experience is running Thursday-Saturday’s June through September and is available for public and private bookings.

For more information please visit: HART of Duluth Walking Tour

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If you’d like to explore The HART District and go behind-the-scenes to learn more about these exciting businesses, check out the HART of Duluth Walking Tour. The Duluth Experience has partnered with Duluth Coffee Co., Blacklist Artisan Ales, Lake Superior Art Glass, and Zeitgeist Arts to create an exclusive behind-the-scenes sensory experience that includes food samples, art demonstrations, craft cocktails and locally brewed beer.

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