Experience Fall in Duluth

Experience the Wonders of Fall in Duluth

By Dave Grandmaison – Co-Founder & CEO

Thousands of people from around the country visit Duluth each year to explore the incredibly vibrant display of fall colors on Lake Superior’s North Shore. The excitement and anticipation for Duluth’s most colorful season is building and we thought it would be fun to post a quick article about the biology behind the amazing colors that you’ll be experiencing this year.

experience fall colors in duluth

Duluth and The North Shore offer amazing opportunities to view our most colorful season. Photo: The Duluth Experience.

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In general, late September through the middle of October are the best times to visit Duluth and the North Shore for the fall colors. Plus – you’ll also get a chance to check out Hawk Ridge and the amazing fall hawk migration at the same time! We love fall because it gives us an entirely new experience for our kayak adventures, city tours, and mountain bike adventures. There is so much to do here during the fall and we hope you’ll take advantage of the beautiful scenery – hit the trails, take a scenic drive, explore the parks. Yeah… we’re excited!

Duluth fall mountain biking

Fall is the best time to explore The Duluth Traverse Mountain Bike Trails. Photo: The Duluth Experience.

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We’ve posted an in-depth article on the biology behind the changing of the fall colors and we hope you find this article fun and useful. Here’s the link: Fall Colors on the North Shore – a Sight to Behold. We’ve also included this link to the MN Department of Natural Resources website that tracks the status of fall colors across the state. Their site should be very helpful when you’re planning your trip to the Northwoods.

St. Louis River Fall Colors

Duluth and Lake Superior’s North Shore offer amazing opportunities for experiencing fall in Minnesota. Image: William Hurst Photography.

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Are you interested in exploring the fall colors phenomenon with The Duluth Experience? If your answer is yes, hop on over to our Duluth Fall Adventures Page and check out all the great adventures we have this fall.

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