Exploring Lake Place Park in Duluth

A Place by the Lake Part 1: Exploring Lake Place Park

By Kyle Chisholm – City Tour Program Coordinator

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with landscape architect, Kent Worley, who told me an interesting story about one of Duluth’s most fascinating parks – an important space which was created during a pivotal point in the 1980’s and now serves as a key connection between Canal Park and the Historic Arts & Theater (HART) District in Downtown Duluth.

Exploring Lake Place Park Duluth MN

A beautiful summer day exploring Lake Place with the kids. Photo: Duluth Experience.

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Lake Place, which was designed by Kent, is located at the most western corner of Lake Superior, where the Duluth Lake Walk travels from Canal Park along the shoreline. According to Kent, “Lake Place was created so that everyone can have their own ‘lake place’. It’s a place and not a just a park.” In fact, the tag “park” was never part of the original Lake Place naming scheme but was later added by city administrators when it was clear that the space would become part of Duluth’s Parks system.

I’ve lived in Duluth for some time, and I’m familiar with Lake Place and its connection to the I-35 expansion project during the 1980’s. However, my conversation with Kent brought forward some interesting details about the initial plan, subsequent project, and aspects of the Lake Place plan that didn’t make their way into the final design.

Before going into some of those details, let’s learn a little bit about Kent Worley and the Lake Place origin story.

The Story Continues: A Place by The Lake Part 2: Kent Worley’s Vision for Lake Place

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