Going Behind the Scenes at Duluth Coffee Company

Meet Charlie from Duluth Coffee Company

By Dave Grandmaison – Co-Founder & CEO

We love our partners here in Duluth and our friends at Duluth Coffee Company are at the top of that list. With their expansion nearing completion, we wanted to give you an inside look at their operations and – to be honest – just hang out with our buddy Charlie.

The Team at Duluth Coffee Company recently joined The Duluth Experience family with the launch of our HART of Duluth Walking Tour where we go behind-the-scenes to connect our guests with the amazing entrepreneurs in Downtown Duluth’s Historic Arts & Theater District. It’s a culinary, performance, and visual arts tour with our special Duluth Experience flavor.

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Duluth Experience Border

If you’d like go behind-the-scenes and learn more about Duluth Coffee Company, check out the HART of Duluth Walking Tour. The Duluth Experience has partnered with Duluth Coffee Co., Blacklist Artisan Ales, Lake Superior Art Glass, and Zeitgeist Arts to create an exclusive behind-the-scenes sensory experience that includes food samples, art demonstrations, craft cocktails and locally brewed beer.

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