Happy Birthday Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack Celebrates 135 Years

By Dave Grandmaison

Whether you’re a Boundary Waters regular or just a hip satchel connoisseur… you’ve probably got (at least) one Duluth Pack in your closet. I have three voyageur packs that have been on countless expeditions to the the “B-dub” over the years. They’re beat up, pretty worn, and still super functional. I mean, really… they’re standard issue gear for that sort of thing… but over the years… we’re talking 135 years… Duluth Pack has become so much more than just a pack you carry over the portage. Today, we bid a happy birthday to a local manufacturer who has been a leader in the outdoor gear industry AND a great local business who has kept it real… here in Duluth.

Duluth Pack

As the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA, Duluth Pack is celebrating its 135th continuous year in business today.

Duluth Pack is one of Duluth’s most well-known manufacturers and it’s also one of its oldest. Duluth Pack had very humble beginnings when its Montreal-born founder Camille Poirier moved to Duluth and founded its predecessor – Duluth Tent and Awning in 1870.

Poirier opened a leather goods store on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street and dabbled a bit in logging, real estate, and water supply (before Duluth had a municipal water service). He eventually focused on making durable canvas goods and filed a patent for to original Duluth Pack in 1882. Since then, Duluth Pack has become a global retailer with their manufacturing facility is at 1610 West Superior Street in the heart of the Lincoln Park Craft District and the retail store in Canal Park.

The official patent for the #3 Duluth Pack was filed by Duluth Pack’s founder, Camille Poirier, on Nov. 10, 1882, after handcrafting a canvas and leather pack to withstand the test of time. Duluth Pack was born upon the patent’s approval on Dec. 12, 1882.

To celebrate its 135 years, Duluth Pack is creating limited edition Poirier shirts, which feature drawings from the original filed patent paperwork. The Duluth Pack company has been based in the same factory location for more than 100 years, at 1610 W. Superior St.

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