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FOX21: Curling, Beer and Pizza – Oh My!

KBJR: Get Outdoors – Curling And Brews

duluth curling club

RES TV: USA – Duluth – Friluftsliv, Hans Fahlén

Pressroom Podcast: Experiencing Duluth’s dark history

KBJR: Get Outdoors – Duluth Traverse Shuttle

Duluth News Tribune: Citizens take in Duluth’s history along Superior Street construction

Zenith City Online: FREE Superior Street History Tours start this week

Duluth News Tribune: Superior Street reconstruction walking tours offered

Fox21: The Duluth Experience Adds New Tours for Summer Season

Fox21: Glensheen Kayak Series Kicks Off

Glensheen Paddle Series

KBJR: Get Outdoors – Biking Scenic Highway 61

kbjr biking scenic highway 61

Star Tribune: Kayaking goes mainstream in Minnesota

KBJR: Get Outdoors – Ice Cliffs

Adventure Cycling Association: The Trials and Trails of Duluth, Minnesota

WCCO: Best Photography Classes in Minnesota

Superior Telegram: New Experience showcases Superior Manufacturing

Business North: New Experience showcases Superior manufacturing

KBJR: Get Outdoors – Western Waterfront Trail

Duluth Western Waterfront Trail

Lake Voice News: Dark History of Duluth

Fox21: Mountain Biking Through the Fall Colors

The Sheltered Gallivant: Uncovering Duluth’s Dark History with The Duluth Experience

Bulldog Hockey Blog: Ice Breaker Visitors Guide – Where To Eat, Drink And Kill Time In Duluth And Beyond

Fox21: The Duluth Experience holds annual Fall Colors Photography Workshop

Fox21 Fall Colors

Northern Wilds: Have you heard about Duluth’s dark history?

Fox21: Knowing Your Neighbors – The Duluth Experience

Fox21 Knowing Your Neighbors

Eyes For The Road Podcast: Duluth Experience

MRV The Buzz: How to Paddle a Great Lake

The Memo: Eclipse Kayak Tour

KBJR Get Outdoors: Hike Park Point Duluth Experience Tour Showcases Vibrant Art Scene

Star Tribune: Duluth Walking Tour brings together arts, theater and food in the name of craft

Pressroom Podcast: Exploring the Twin Ports with the Duluth Experience

Sam Cook: A night on the town, and on the water

WDIO: Huskies New Pre-Game Experience

FOX 21: Duluth Huskies Partner with The Duluth Experience for “Pre-game Pourtage”

FOX 21: The Duluth Experience Offers Bus Tour Highlighting Historic Areas in the City

FOX 21: New Walking Tour Showcases Duluth’s Historic Arts & Theater District

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth group begins tours of art, theater district

KBJR Get Outdoors: Kayaking the St. Louis River

kbjr kayak the st. louis river

WDIO: Wilderness Training Gets Community Members Prepared for Crisis

FOX 21: Safety and Preparedness Tips for Outdoor Activities

Hoops on Hops: Beer Tourism a Growing Trend on All Levels

FOX 21: The Duluth Experience Promotes New Tour, Duluth in Europe

Hicle: Mountain Bike Duluth [DUTCH VERSION]

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth Experience Looks to Lure European Cyclists

Fox 21: Winter Fun on the Snowy Trail

Duluth News Tribune: Touring Duluth’s Dark History

Vacation Idea: 25 Best Things to Do in Duluth

Budgeteer News: Tours Shine Light on Dark History

Growler Magazine: New Walking Tour Unveils Duluth’s Dark History

Nick’s Beer Blog: The Duluth Experience Presents the Dark History Bus Tour

International Falls Journal: Tour scares up the darker side of Duluth’s history

Fox 21: Kayaking With The Duluth Experience
Kayaking Duluth Experience Fox 21 – The Duluth Experience: Adventure in Canal Park Goes Fat Tire Biking with The Duluth Experience goes fat tire biking with The Duluth Experience

Fox21 News: Experience Duluth History in One Tour
Duluth Experience History Tour Interview FOX21

Fox21 News: Fat Tire Biking with The Duluth Experience
Fat tire biking with The Duluth Experience

Business North: Start-Up Serves as Cheerleader for Duluth
Duluth History Walking Tour
Almanac North: Interview with Dave on Promoting Bicycle Tourism to Europeans

Almanac North Interview

Star Tribune Travel: Selling Duluth to Europeans

Star Tribune: A Vacation with that Beer, Please

Bring Me The News: Whiskers Away

Chicago Tribune: Duluth: A Superior Beer Town

WDIO News: What to Do & Where to Go in Duluth

Nick’s Beer Blog: The Duluth Experience Saturday Evening Brewery Tour Review

Destination Duluth: Get Your Real Duluth Experience

Destination Duluth: Film Makers Explore Duluth’s Pretty & Gritty Locations

Fox 21 News: Kayaking Tours in Canal Park

Duluth Budgeteer News: A New View of the Zenith City

Northland News Center: Women of the North Shore Craft Beer Scene

Northland News Center: Brewery Tours with The Duluth Experience

An Authentic Taste of Duluth: Alumni Offer “The Duluth Experience”

Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen: Interview with The Duluth Experience Co-Founder Dave Grandmaison

Nick’s Beer Blog: Interview with Co-Founder Dave Grandmaison

Tapping Tourism with Craft Beer

Northland Beer: Craft Beer Roundtable

Northland News Center: Talking Craft Beer with those in the Business in Duluth

The Duluth News Tribune’s Best Bets: Craft Beer Enthusiasts, This is for You

Destination Duluth Blog: The Duluth Experience Presents > The North Shore Craft Beer Roundtable

The Duluth News Tribune: Craft Beer is Topic of Panel Discussions in Duluth

Growler Magazine: North Shore Craft Beer Roundtable > A Look into Northern MN’s Beer Scene

The Duluth Experience: November 3, 2013 [VIDEO]

Ninkasi’s Niece Blog: Experiencing The Duluth Experience

Duluth News Tribune: Craft-Beer Scene Draws Tours to Twin Ports Area

Northland News Center: Unique Duluth Tour Emerges Out of Beer Brewing Craze

Fox 21 News: ‘The Duluth Experience’ Offers Behind-the-Scenes Brewery Tour

Perfect Duluth Day: The Duluth Experience is Now on Tap Summer Guide: Duluth Beer-Cations