Pro Tips for Winter Survival in Duluth

We scoured the internet to find five fun tips for surviving a hearty Duluth winter. Winter survival in Duluth takes preparation, a little creativity, and some good old fashioned perseverance. We wanted to share this list of pro tips for winter survival in Duluth now that winter is finally here.

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Duluth Winter Survival Tips

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5-Tips for Winter Survival in Duluth

1) Spray your shovel with cooking spray. Wet snow is sticky and can make your shovel very heavy. Shoveling is a chore as it is but you can give yourself an advantage with this simple technique. The oily surface will cause the snow to slide right off… this is great for that sticky, wet snow we get here in Duluth.

2) Smart parking can save you time! If you don’t have the luxury of a garage – something many Duluthians long for during the winter months – be sure to park your car facing southeast so the sun (when shining) will defrost your windshield as it rises. If the sun isn’t shining make sure you’ve got a scraper ready!

3) Spinning tires? Use cat litter on stuck tires. Shovel the snow and ice out of your path and pour a liberal amount of cat litter under the tire and along your travel route. Then rock the car back and forth shifting from drive to reverse until you gain traction and you’re out. Of course you all have a shovel in your trunk… right? Add a sack of cat litter to your winter survival kit and you’re ready to go.

4) This one is pretty effective and super simple. Set your ceiling fans to spin in reverse (clockwise) during the winter because it will push warmer air near the ceiling down to the floor and help keep your room warm.

5) Dry out your shoes with newspaper. Wet boots are a drag and can be difficult to dry. Instead of placing your boots near the heater (which can shrink or even melt your boots), stuff them with newspaper. Bonus tip: use pool noodles to keep your boots upright and speed up the drying even more!

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