Top 5 Reasons to Book a Tour with The Duluth Experience

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time for you to play!

Calling all weekend warriors, adventurers, history buffs, craft beer aficionados! Grab your calendars and start planning your next getaway to Duluth, voted America’s #1 outdoor recreation town by Outside magazine. Duluth is a fantastic destination for the weekend adventure you’ve been waiting for – whether you crave outdoor adventure, arts and cultural history, or fabulous local cuisine and craft beer, Duluth truly has something for everyone. We’ve partnered with a bunch of great local Affiliates to make sure your next Duluth Experience is unforgettable!

Our goal at The Duluth Experience is to create fun and educational opportunities to connect you with the people, local businesses, stories and adventures that define the Northland’s rich natural, historical, and cultural experience. It is for these reasons and more that we’ve developed The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Duluth & Book a Tour with The Duluth Experience.

1. Duluth History Tours by Bus and on Foot

Explore Duluth’s rich history! We’ve partnered with Zenith City Online’s Tony Dierckins to develop two history tours that will take you back in time and provide you with a unique perspective on how Duluth was discovered, how it’s people prospered during economic booms, and persevered during the hardships of economic busts. Our guided history tours highlight the past, present, and future of this great city. Grab a seat on the Duluth History Bus Tour and let our knowledgeable guides lead you on a voyage into Duluth’s past, where you’ll learn the stories of iconic places such as the Aerial Lift Bridge, the William A. Irvin, and majestic Glensheen Mansion, as well as the hidden gems and lost historical sites scattered throughout the city. In addition, our Saturday History Walking Tours will take you on an in-depth stroll through the history of Canal Park and Downtown Duluth. Our tour guides have a deep appreciation for our city and as members of The Duluth Experience Team, these history buffs now have a perfect opportunity to share their passion for history with you.
Carriage Bridge Duluth

2. Kayak Tours on Lake Superior

Lake Superior is a major draw for tourists to Duluth, but most visitors to the North Shore rarely get out onto the water. Be one of the proud few to dip a paddle and glide across its deep blue waters! Hop on a kayak tour and paddle Lake Superior’s North Shore! Our kayak tours provide you and your family with an authentic Lake Superior experience and are designed to create memorable learning opportunities that are both fun and adventurous. Our team will outfit you with a kayak, paddle, and life jacket and lead you on a paddle along the North Shore. You’ll get to explore the shoreline and learn about the region’s cultural and natural history. Then sit back and enjoy a great meal from our friends at Northern Waters Smokehouse while you relax on the beach. As an alternative, you can rent a kayak and set out on your own adventure from our convenient kiosk in Duluth’s Canal Park. One thing’s for sure, you haven’t experienced Lake Superior until you’ve paddled its famous waters!
kayak tours

3. Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Duluth really is the destination for mountain biking in Northern Minnesota. Over the past few years the City of Duluth, along with volunteer-based organizations like the Cyclists of Gitchee Gummee Shores and the International Mountain Bike Association, has allocated a considerable amount of resources to improve and expand an impressive trail network that meanders its way across the city. From the downhill flow trails at Spirit Mountain to the cross-country singletrack at one of the city’s mountain bike hubs like Lester, Hartley, Piedmont, or Mission Creek – we’ve got mountain bike adventures for all ages and skill levels. Let our experienced guides lead you and your friends on a mountain bike adventure and treat you to lunch after a great session of riding. We’ll pick you up and outfit you with a bike and helmet for a safe and exciting day of exercise and exploration. Get out and ride with The Duluth Experience!
Guided Mountain Bike Tours

4. Scenic North Shore Road Bike Tours

Lake Superior’s North Shore is truly a special place to visit. Minnesota’s Scenic North Shore is a revered destination for outdoor recreation and experiential tourism that highlights the cultural and natural history of the region and showcases its breathtaking views and rugged terrain. We outfit you with high quality road bikes from Continental Ski & Bike and lead you on a guided ride along the picturesque North Shore of Lake Superior. Our experienced bike guides will lead you along Scenic Highway 61 to create a memorable experience that combines the excitement of the open road, the beauty of Lake Superior, and the tastes of delicious local cuisine. Just when you think that’s where this adventure ends, we send you back down the shoreline with a majestic ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. This is a tour not to be missed.
Scenic Railroad

5. Brewery & Distillery Tours

Get a real taste for the North Shore Craft Beer Scene! Our tours take you to renowned (and award winning) local breweries, enrich your beer knowledge and include delicious tasting experiences, convenient transportation and dinner. We’ve also expanded our brewery tour offerings this summer to include tours of newly founded distilleries, local hop farms, and additional breweries on Lake Superior’s North Shore. From hop farms to hop heads, we at The Duluth Experience love our local craft beer scene, and you will too. Find out what all the buzz is about and learn a lot about the North Shore Craft Beer Scene on our popular Brewery Tours!
craft beer
So whether you’re a weekend warrior, adventurer, history buff, craft beer aficionado, or just looking for an authentic Duluth Experience for your family and friends – the City of Duluth has just everything in store for an unforgettable adventure.

The Duluth Experience is now offering a variety of adventures led by fun and knowledgeable guides. Our tours are fun, convenient, and complemented with interesting cultural and natural history stories to provide you with a new perspective on the wonderful City of Duluth. Join us in taking full advantage of a much deserved summer vacation – tours are filling up fast, so book your Duluth Experience today!

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