Warm Duluth

By Tim Wilson

Operation Warm

I have been honored with the opportunity to participate in Operation Warm, a charity event organized by Duluth Firefighters Local 101 with the goal of raising $10,000 to buy jackets for 300 Duluth children. As one of five notable Dulutians involved with the beard challenge, I will shave my face for the sake of keeping children warm this winter.

The way this works is that I shave my face if people donate $1,700 to the cause and tag me during their donation. To me, this is really no big deal, shaving off my beard that will inevitably grow back in the following weeks. But the concept of this IS a big deal. You see, the beard I wear on my face everyday is a part of me. It is something that characterizes me as a person, and without it, I will look drastically different. I have had a beard since I was in college, shaving here and there for various reasons, but I have always had some scruff, never taking it down to the skin. My beard supplies me with warmth in the winter and that is why I didn’t even hesitate when the folks from Operation Warm ask me to participate.

This is a great cause to be a part of! Please donate for the sake of keeping children warm, as well as seeing me look like I am 15 years old once again!


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