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History of the Growler

As the story goes, there was a day when thirsty patrons transported fresh beer home from the pub in small-galvanized pails. As the beer sloshed around during transport, CO2 escaped through the pail’s lid and created a rumbling sound which led to the term “growler”. Another origin story for this handy container suggests that growlers are named for the buckets of beer given to factory workers at lunchtime before their stomachs began to growl from hunger.

According to a post on Beer Advocate:

“A claim to the modern day growler states that in 1989, Charlie Otto and his father were discussing the dilemma facing the Otto Brothers Brewery. They wanted to offer “beer-to-go” for their local customers, but they were not yet in a position to bottle. Father Otto suggested the use of “growlers,” which were used in his younger days, but Charlie recognized the need for an updated package type. He purchased a small silkscreen machine, and set it up on his patio. Soon he was silk-screening his logo on half-gallon glass bottles that resembled moonshine jugs. The modern-day “growler” was introduced.”

Whatever it’s origin, the growler has become a useful tool and a good friend to craft beer lovers across the U.S. And with recent changes in Minnesota liquor laws, you can now purchase growlers from your favorite local brewery on Sundays.

Cheers! We’ll drink to that!

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