5 Great Family Friendly Duluth Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures Ideas For Family Fun

This time of year — if you’re like me — you probably wake up every morning and throw open the curtains hoping to see fresh snow blanketing the ground and calling you to the trail.

As part of our own winter celebration here at The Duluth Experience, we wanted to share some of our favorite family-friendly winter adventures in Duluth. Whether you live in Duluth or are here for a visit… you’ve got access to a bunch of amazing world-class winter adventures. So let’s get to it!

#1: Sledding at The Lester-Amity Chalet

If you grew up in Duluth — like I did — you probably spent some time exploring Lester Park as a child. The park itself is a great playground for winter adventure and I have especially fond memories of sledding down the old ski hill perched above The Lester-Amity Chalet. This is a fantastic spot to spend a day of fun with the family. Head out on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays and you’ll be able to warm up with some hot cocoa at the old chalet.

Tip: Built in 1960, the Lester-Amity Chalet has a rich history of outdoor recreation. Over the years, it has served as a home to cross country skiers, ski jumpers, hockey players and sliding enthusiasts. A group of volunteers is currently restoring the chalet as a community gathering place for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Find out more about the Lester-Amity Chalet Restoration Project on the Duluth Cross Country Ski Club Website.

Sledding at Amity Chalet in Duluth, MN

Grab a sled and head to the hill for some easy family fun. Image: pololia – stock.adobe.com.

#2: Duluth Snowshoe Adventures

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and chart your own path. Seriously, the reason we love taking our guests on guided snowshoe adventures in Duluth is because we can virtually go anywhere we want. You can follow the nearly limitless Duluth park system trails, explore beautiful sections of the Superior Hiking Trail as they wind along the ridge line overlooking the city, or simply set out and chart your own course.

family snowshoe

Family-friendly snowshoe adventures are fun and accessible for the entire family. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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#3: Cross-Country Skiing Lester’s Trails

Duluth has quite a few cross-country ski trails but the Lester trails are close, easy to access, offer nicely varied terrain, and are lit up at night. During the week you’ll often have the trails to yourself and there are multiple distance options from which to choose. And I mentioned that the trail is lit up at night . . . so consider hitting the trail with a few friends. Even if you’re not a seasoned cross-country skier, night skiing is something that you should definitely try.

Tip: You can access a bunch of great information about Duluth’s local trails on the Duluth Cross Country Ski Club website.

#4: Fat Tire Biking on The Duluth Traverse

With the growing network of trails and the nearly completed Duluth Traverse, Duluth has become the fat tire biking destination of the Midwest. I might be a little biased but the trails here are amazing. Private fat bike tours are the perfect way to try it out and get some great insight into the sport, riding technique, and equipment and have a heck of a fun day on the trails. Give it a try and I’m pretty darned sure you’ll be hooked like me.

fat tire fun

The Duluth winter bike experience is absolutely amazing! Image: The Duluth Experience.

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#5: Winter Hiking Along Tischer Creek

Tischer Creek (a.k.a. Congdon Creek) is a hidden gem in Duluth (here’s a map). From the intersection of Vermillion Road and Saint Marie Street to Glensheen, Tischer Creek offers a beautiful scenic experience right in the heart of the Congdon neighborhood. Follow the creek along historic concrete walkways and solid rock staircases and experience a distinct feeling of solitude and wilderness that makes you forget you’re in the middle of Duluth.

traction control duluth ice

Always prepare for the conditions. A set of micro-spikes are a great investment – and will help keep you from slipping on the ice. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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You probably have several favorite outdoor activities you, your family, and friends love to do in the winter. Duluth is such a special place year-round, and we never stop getting outside and enjoying our beautiful hometown. If you want to share your favorite outdoor experiences with me, please leave a comment below!

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