Best Walking Tour Ever

Could It Be True? The Best Walking Tour Ever?!

It’s been said that The Duluth Experience has crafted the best tours in the whole wide world. My niece is a firm believer in this claim. LOL. But – in all honesty – there are a lot of folks out there who have had fantastic experiences with us and have helped us tremendously by posting their online reviews to highlight how special their experiences have been.

*You can take a look at a bunch of our reviews on TripAdvisor for proof!

Take our Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour as an example. We’ve combined an awesome story about people coming together to make a positive change for their community with a historical perspective on a relatively unknown (until recently) Duluth neighborhood with experiences that connect our guests with local businesses and personalities who are working and living a kind of renaissance in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It’s a recipe for fantastic experiences. Meaningful experiences.

One of our recent guests, Ellen, thought so and posted her comments below as a review.

“I was on the Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour and it was one of the best walking tours I’ve taken. Shannon was very knowledgeable, fun to be with, and she shared insights that were really interesting!”

~Ellen Z. | Duluth, MN

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Lincoln Park Walking Tour

Shannon guides Ellen and her friends through Lincoln Park with a stop at Frost River. Image: The Duluth Experience.

Discover why folks are raving about The Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour!

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