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Excellent Guides Craft Excellent Experiences

There’s no question that online reviews are important. Within the travel industry, in particular, the importance of excellent experiences cannot be understated. It’s something that reputable operators strive for each and every day. Guest satisfaction, self-discovery, entertainment, and joy are the driving forces behind the tireless effort we put into crafting the perfect experience. And when we get a glowing review like Kiersten’s, well… that makes us truly happy. It reinforces our dedication to the mission of “connecting people to Duluth” and inspires us to put the guest experience above all else.

Thanks to Kiersten H. and her friends from Glencoe, MN for coming up to Duluth this spring and joining us for The Lincoln Park Brew Tour. What a blast!

“Nate and Dave were excellent tour guides. They showed us wonderful views of the city and brought us behind-the-scenes at local breweries in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Duluth area looking for a good experience.”

~Kiersten H. | Glencoe, MN

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brewery tour testimonial

Kiersten and her crew craft a glowing review for the Lincoln Park Brew Tour in Duluth. Image: The Duluth Experience.

Discover Duluth Beer City with an all-inclusive Craft Beer Experience in Duluth!

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