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Our Commitment to Excellence and Promoting Duluth

By Dave Grandmaison

Duluth Experience Trip Advisor
Have you ever tapped into The Duluth Experience… experience? If you’ve joined any of our tours, you’ve most likely learned something new about Duluth – its innovative businesses, its rich history, and the epic adventures that surround this amazing city. These stories and the people behind them, along with our commitment to promoting Duluth are the guiding principles that drive our Team’s efforts to provide the most content-rich experiences that we can possibly create. Our mission statement says it all:

The Duluth Experience is dedicated to creating fun and educational experiences that connect our guests to the people, businesses, places, stories, and adventures that define the Northland’s rich natural, historical, and cultural identity.

Now, I’m not just tooting our own horn here… but rather, shouting out our commitment to providing the highest-quality experiences that focus on the partners – breweries, bike shops, museums, restaurants, and local businesses – that we feel represent a new wave of optimism and excitement for a city that we know is the must-see destination in the Midwest. There is an amazing story to tell here in Duluth and we’re dedicated to sharing it with our guests.

As we reach important milestones we want to make sure that we share this excitement with you – our friends, our fans, our guests and our supporters. Today we reached 300 reviews on TripAdvisor. For those of you who are unfamiliar, TripAdvisor is an online review site that allows guests and patrons to provide feedback on the experiences that they have during their travels. It’s an important tool for communicating with future guests and provides you with an unbiased way to plan your activities when you visit a destination like Duluth.

We are proud of our achievements and are humbled by the 300 folks who took the time to post a review of their Duluth Experience. We’re lucky to have exceptional guests who are interested in learning about Duluth and really experiencing the city. We thank you for support our Team and the message we’re promoting… that Duluth is an amazing city with a lot of great experiences to offer!


Dave & The Duluth Experience Team

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