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City Tours Designed To Connect You With Duluth

Our Duluth City Tours will take you back in time and provide you with a unique perspective on how Duluth was discovered by early Native Americans and European settlers. You’ll gain insight into how the people of Duluth labored to build its industries during economic booms and persevered during the hardships of economic busts. This is truly a town of character with a story that fills volumes. The Duluth Experience will guide you into those stories and help you develop a personal relationship with Duluth’s past, present, and future.

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Engaging Bus Tours That Explore the Far Reaches of Duluth

Dark History Bus Tour

Explore Duluth’s dark past including true stories of tragedies, murders, conspiracies and even some local haunting legends! This is a side of Duluth that you won’t see anywhere else!

History & Sightseeing

Explore Duluth’s origins, the stories of its first settlers, and the events that guided the booms and busts of Duluth’s economic history. Stop along the way to explore historic sites and take in scenic views.

Active Walking Tours Showcase Duluth’s Past, Present, and Future

Dark History Walking Tour

Enjoy an evening stroll along the waterfront to explore true stories of gunfights, murders and other tragedies from Duluth’s dark past. We’ll shine the light on some of the stories that folks around town don’t like to talk about – including a few haunting legends and the pirates of Park Point!

Craft District Walking Tour

Go behind-the-scenes and meet the artisans, restaurateurs, brewers, and craftspeople who are revitalizing Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood and crafting an exciting new identity as Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District.

HART of Duluth Walking Tour

Step into Duluth’s vibrant art scene and meet the passionate artisans, restaurateurs, and craft brewers breathing fresh energy into the ongoing legacy of Duluth’s Historic Arts & Theater District.

A New Perspective on the Stories from Duluth’s Past

What Our Guests Are Saying:

"Lived in Duluth all my life and this tour opened my eyes to a lot of Duluth's past that I did not know about!"
"Lived in Duluth all my life and this tour opened my eyes to a lot of Duluth's past that I did not know about!"

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