Duluth Traverse Point of Interest

Duluth Traverse Point of Interest: Coffee Creek

By Dave Grandmaison – Mountain Bike Guide

I spend a lot of time on The Duluth Traverse and I’ve got a bunch of favorite spots that I like to show off to our guests. Coffee Creek is one of these favorites and it’s easily accessible along the Enger Section of the Traverse. Park at Twin Ponds and enjoy a short but fun ride to the creek. You won’t regret this side-trip. Great views and the serenity of a forest stream… right here in Duluth, MN.

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Mountain biking isn’t just about the adrenaline and speed… in many cases, it’s more about enjoying a leisurely ride through the scenic Duluth landscape. Enjoy this mellow video and then head out and explore.

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Explore more of The Duluth Traverse with local guides who know the terrain. Visit The Duluth Traverse Mountain Bike Adventure Page to learn more.

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