Duluth Traverse Shuttle Launches

Our Latest Program for Connecting Riders to Epic Experiences Goes Live

Finally! The Duluth Traverse has its very own shuttle service and we couldn’t be happier. As you know, we absolutely love our local trails and we wanted to provide a way for riders to tackle longer point-to-point rides on The Duluth Traverse without having to tackle the logistics of parking a rig at one end, shuttling to the other end, and then going back after a 40 mile ride to get the first rig.

As one local rider explained, “Having done this ride both ways this year, it’s a total pain in the butt to get a car or ride. Last thing you want to do after pedaling 40 something miles is then drive everyone back to the opposite end of town to get their vehicles“. We couldn’t agree more.

Duluth Traverse Shuttle

Local riders prepare for a Duluth Traverse adventure after being dropped off by The Duluth Traverse Shuttle. Image: The Duluth Experience.

Here’s How It Works

Which direction do you want to ride?

  • If you’re pedaling a west-to-east route that ends at Lester Park, you want to sign up for DT Shuttle #1 (see below).
  • If you’re pedaling an east-to-west route that ends at Chamber’s Grove, you want to sign up for the DT Shuttle #2.

When Do You Want to Ride?

  • Take a look at the calendar below to view shuttle availability.
  • Private shuttles, fully-supported rides, and custom experiences are available by request. Give us a call to set it up.

Where do you want to be picked up?

  • Shuttle #1 provides the following pickup options: Lester Park, Twin Ponds, and Grand Avenue Chalet.
  • Shuttle #2 provides the following pickup options: Chamber’s Grove, Grand Avenue Chalet, and Twin Ponds.
  • Remember during registration that the “From” location where you’ll load into the shuttle.

Where do you want to be dropped off?

  • Shuttle #1 provides the following drop-off options: Twin Ponds, Grand Avenue Chalet, and Chamber’s Grove.
  • Shuttle #2 provides the following drop-off options: Grand Avenue Chalet, Twin Ponds, and Lester Park.
  • Remember during registration that the “To” location is where you’ll hop off and begin your ride.

Important Considerations

This is a non-supported shuttle service.

Tackling the entire Duluth Traverse (40 or so miles, depending on your final route) takes preparation – both physically and from a planning perspective. Please keep in mind that the DT Shuttle is a non-supported service. In other words, riders need to be self sufficient in navigating the trails and carrying all necessary food, water, and supplies. We’ll shuttle you from your vehicles to your drop-off location. From there, you’re on your own.

Fully-supported rides are available by request. Give us a call to set it up.

Know the trail. Respect the trail.

Trailforks offers some great resources for identifying your perfect ride. Alternatively, The Duluth Experience offers shorter guided rides and private guide options for longer distances. Give us a call to connect with a local guide.

Keep in mind that the best stewards of The Duluth Traverse are the folks who ride The Duluth Traverse. If the trails are wet, the trails are closed. If you encounter muddy spots along the trail, please hike-a-bike past the mud so we don’t create a ton of work for the trail crew volunteers. We’d rather keep them busy building new trail and improving existing trail than repairing damage that could have been easily avoided.

This is also a great time to recommend that you join our local IMBA Chapter – The Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS). Here’s a link to their website so you can get connected: coggs.com. Alternatively, you’ll have an option to add on a contribution to COGGS when you book your DT Shuttle. Good people doing good things.

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