Duluth Traverse Shuttle
Convenient Transportation for Your Next Mountain Bike Adventure

More Miles & Fewer Hassles

The Duluth Traverse Shuttle provides transportation for riders tackling longer point-to-point rides on The Duluth Traverse. Whether you’re pedaling a west-to-east route from Chamber’s Grove to Lester Park or an east-to-west route in the opposite direction, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on the trail. This is a pick and drop service that allows you to leave your vehicle at one end of the trail so it’s there when you finish your ride.

Note: Riders need to be self sufficient in navigating the trails and carrying all necessary food, water, and supplies. We’ll shuttle you from your vehicles to your drop-off location. From there, you’re on your own.

Here’s How It Works

Plan Your Route

Choose your shuttle pickup and drop-off location from the list of options. Our Saturday shuttles support rides that end in Lester Park or Chamber’s Grove.

Choose Your Date

Shuttles run on Saturday mornings. Take a look at the calendar and find the date that fits your group’s schedule. Pull together your riding partners and let’s make this happen.

Experience The Trail

Here’s the best part… once you book your shuttle all you need to do is meet our driver, load your bikes, and we’ll get you to your starting point. Then it’s just you and the trail.

Still have questions? Visit our Duluth Traverse Shuttle FAQ Page or email us for more information.

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