Exploring Duluth’s HART Walking Tour

Art and Food-Focused Tour Highlights Local Businesses

By Dave Grandmaison – Co-Founder & CEO

It starts with an idea… highlighting and celebrating small businesses in Downtown Duluth’s Historic Arts & Theater District… the HART… telling the stories of Downtown’s past to set the context for its bright future. A simple idea but rich and layered and ripe with opportunity.

When our team came up with a proposal for a performance, visual, and culinary arts experience in the HART District, I knew that we’d be able to develop something really special. The partnerships we cultivated with Duluth Coffee Company, Lake Superior Art Glass, Zeitgeist Arts, and Blacklist Artisan Ales were the key ingredient. We the collaboration in place we knew that the stories would flow. And flow they did.

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We’re super excited to say that this summer’s experiment was a sweeping success. Fifty-six guests joined the tour which ran for the months of July, August, and September and we’ve received some very positive and constructive feedback and encouragement.

I really enjoyed this tour. Getting to meet community leaders to hear about their craft and creative initiatives was inspiring and fun. Great mix of organizations within the HART district to engage with.” – Maureen

I learned a lot about Duluth and, as a former Arts Administrator, I am very pleased that Duluth is starting to really promote and get people participating in the arts and these tours.” – Debra

Our partners at Duluth Coffee Company, Zeitgeist Arts, Lake Superior Art Glass, and Blacklist Artisan Ales are amazing and we can’t wait for you meet them!

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Suffice it to say… The HART of Duluth Walking Tour will return in 2018!

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If you’d like to explore The HART District and go behind-the-scenes to learn more about these exciting businesses, check out the HART of Duluth Walking Tour. The Duluth Experience has partnered with some great HART District businesses to create an exclusive behind-the-scenes sensory experience that includes food samples, art demonstrations, craft cocktails and locally brewed beer. Cheers!

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