GratiTuesday Shoutout To Canal Park Brewing Company

Great Hospitality In Canal Park

It’s #GratiTuesday here at The Duluth Experience and we want to send a big shoutout to the brewing team at Canal Park Brewing Company! Austin, Benjamin and Granville have done a fantastic job crafting quality brews and developing new recipes to showcase their lakefront brewing facility in Canal Park and it’s been a real pleasure to introduce our guests to their latest brews.

Canal Park Brewery Tour

Canal Park Brewing’s Head Brewer, Austin Clem, takes a moment for a photo op with our guests during The Northern Lights Brew Tour. Image: The Duluth Experience.

We’ve enjoyed a fantastic partnership with “CPB” since the very beginning and their beers and food have been the highlight of many of our guest experiences. We’ve crafted great friendships with many folks from their team (past and present) and some of the CPB crew have even joined our Duluth Experience Team!

Thanks to the fantastic brew crew for the great tours and tasty brews, the kitchen team for the yummy dinners, and the front-of-house folks for the great hospitality.

Go behind-the-scenes and connect with the team at Canal Park Brewing Co. during our Northern Lights Brew Tour and discover why they’ve become such an important part of the Lincoln Park Brew Scene!

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