GratiTuesday Shoutout To Duluth Coffee Company

Roasting The Best Coffee In Duluth

It’s #GratiTuesday and today we’re sending a big shoutout to our friends at Duluth Coffee Company!

Duluth Coffee owner, Eric Faust, and his team have been an important source of caffeinated inspiration for The Duluth Experience since the very beginning. In addition to their fantastic brews, Duluth Coffee has inspired us with their commitment to roasting single-origin coffees that pay homage to the people and the land from where they come.

Duluth Coffee Company Logo

We are excited to continue our partnership with Duluth Coffee Company this summer and providing a platform for them to tell their inspiring story to our guests on The HART of Duluth Walking Tour.

Duluth Coffee has an amazing story to tell and we’re excited to connect you with their team this summer!

Go behind-the-scenes and connect with Duluth Coffee Company and other great Downtown Duluth businesses on The HART of Duluth Walking Tour this summer!

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