GratiTuesday Shoutout To Toasty’s Downtown Duluth

Fresh Food & Fresh Ideas At Toasty’s

This week’s “#GratiTuesday” shoutout goes to the team at Toasty’s Downtown Duluth.

There’s no question that owners Rachael and Tom Hagen have a passion for fresh and healthy food. In fact, when we first sat down with Tom to discuss what Toasty’s could add to The Duluth Experience (almost two years ago now) we were blown away by the level of detail that this unassuming Downtown Duluth eatery brings to their culinary creations.

This passion and focus on freshness was a fantastic fit with our mission and today we say thanks to the Toasty’s Team!

*Rachael and Tom have been fantastic partners and their food has played an important role in our guest experience. We’re looking forward to another fantastic year of great food and great friendship with this dynamic duo!

Toasty's Downtown Duluth

Rachael and Tom Hagen, the culinary geniuses behind Toasty’s delicious menu. Image: Toasty’s Downtown Duluth.

We proudly serve Toasty’s fresh food on our Taste The Twin Ports & Saturday Morning Brew Tours – discover the amazing pairings of fresh brews and fresh food!

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