Lake Superior in a Can

Making Waves in Duluth Beer City

Our friends at Lake Superior Brewing Company made some exciting progress this week as part of a brand re-fresh that started when Duluth’s oldest microbrewery changed ownership in late 2017. Lake Superior Brewing began their commercial brewing operations back in December of 1994 when a couple of home brewers decided to go pro. The new owners Lars Kuehnow and Lisa Blade are charting a new course. Their latest update includes packaging their beloved Mesabi Red and Kayak Kölsch in cans for the first time. It’s a limited edition run for Mesabi Red… so don’t miss it!

It’s exciting news for our local beer community and a sign of things to come. “After 23 years of brewing,” explained co-owner Lisa Blade, “we’re coming out in cans.”

Lake Superior Will Continue to Bottle Their Beer

“We’re keeping our bottles” explained Lisa. “We have a strong bottle following but we also recognize that there’s a demographic – people who are backpacking, riding their bikes, or didn’t want to have glass on their boats. We paid attention to that and here we are.”

Lake Superior Mesabi RedGiven that Lake Superior is the base for Lake Superior Brewing, it makes sense to use packaging that is more conducive to outdoor recreation. Beer packaging technology has come a long way and so have the preferences of beer drinkers. “Cans are lighter, won’t break, and can be crushed for easy pack out — plus, it was a great opportunity to refresh the brand art” says Lisa.

Look closely at the Mesabi Red cans and you’ll see artwork inspired by the giant “lakers” that form the foundation of Duluth’s local shipping industry.

Lake Superior Brewing partnered with Stillwater-based Lagersmith – a mobile canning operation which works with small-sized production breweries to get their brews into cans and onto liquor store shelves.

Learn more about Lake Superior Brewing Company or hop aboard a Brewery Tour and explore the brewery in person!

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