Lillydipper Pale Ale

A Collaboration Brew With Purpose

Earlier this year, we approached Ursa Minor Brewing with the idea for a community-focused collaboration brew. A plan was hatched to craft a brew that would yield a meaningful result and The Lillydipper Pale Ale was born!

We decided to craft a unique brew that would help to raise funds for a local organization that we’ve been supporting for years – The Northland Paddlers Alliance. This community driven, volunteer organization is focused on expanding paddling opportunities in the Twin Ports. “NPA” coordinates and hosts a variety of community paddle days throughout the summer that provide free opportunities for folks to try kayaking and canoeing and they also organize the annual Twin Ports Paddle Festival.

duluth experience ursa minor collaboration brew

The collab brew team. From top left: Andrew Scrignoli, Mark Hugus, Nathan Anderson, Courtney Lovas, Ben Hugus, Dave Grandmaison, Kris McNeal, and Shawna Anderson. Image: Ursa Minor Brewing.

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The Lillydipper Pale Ale was brewed with wild rice and rye to create a full bodied and flavorful pale ale perfect for any experience on the water. The term “lillydipper” refers to those paddlers who are out to enjoy the moment and being more engaged with the beauty of their surroundings than their destination. We believe we should all do a bit of “lillydippin’” from time to time.

100% of the proceeds from our collaboration brew with Ursa Minor will support NPA’s community paddle effort and we are honored to be part of this fun and meaningful partnership. We’re a small business in Duluth and by partnering with other small businesses… we can make a big difference in peoples’ lives.

Check out our promo video to learn more about this great partnership and the impact of purpose-filled collaboration can have on the community.

Learn More About Collaboration Brews In Duluth and help us celebrate business partnerships that yield meaningful results!

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