Love Creamery Opens in Lincoln Park

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Do you love ice cream? I sure do…

Given my fascination with ice cream, fun local businesses, and exploring different parts of Duluth, I was super excited to stop in for a visit at Love Creamery’s new production space and ice cream parlor in Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District. In all honesty, I’ve visited several times now with my children who love flavors like mint and Nutella, while I devoured a waffle cone stacked with blueberry crumble and chamomile honeycomb – a flavor pairing I came across on Love Creamery’s Instagram feed. It was delicious!

I recently visited with Love Creamery’s owner – Nicole Wilde – to chat about her business and take a tour of her production space.

One of the first questions I asked Nicole was… Why ice cream? As it turns out, Nicole’s very first job was serving ice cream. The positive experiences that sprang from customers enjoying good ice cream was something that stuck with her. Later, Nicole earned a Master’s of Business Administration and decided to launch a business that melded her passions: food, sustainable agriculture, and environmental awareness.

At that time, Duluth didn’t have many options for sustainable organic ice cream (if any), and she saw an opportunity. In 2014, Love Creamery was born, initially selling her unique flavors from mobile carts and at local businesses around Duluth. With encouragement and happy customers cheering her on, Nicole took the next logical step and decided to open an ice cream parlor in the heart of Lincoln Park – a craft-centric and foodie destination in Duluth’s West End.

love creameryNicole works directly with a family farm in Forest Lake, MN that supplies milk and the base recipe for all her ice cream flavors. Love Creamery sources local ingredients (e.g., her own farm north of Two Harbors) and acquires supplies from other businesses that are organic and have sustainable business practices with their farmers. Given her attention to quality ingredients, a single ice cream flavor can take two or three days to produce. And because of seasonal availability, Love Creamery’s flavors change throughout the year. If you have a sophisticated palate, you may even detect slight flavor variations over time due to factors such as weather changing fruit or coffee flavors at their source. This all makes for a dynamic flavor experience at her ice cream parlor.

Given the ingredients that she uses, Love Creamery’s flavors may be a bit different from the traditional flavors that folks are accustomed to. No worries, she says! Just stop by the parlor and try a few samples. They have plenty of sample spoons to accommodate your search for a fun, new flavor. So go ahead and do it! Head on over to the Lincoln Park Craft District, find Love Creamery, and start enjoying the local flavor.

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