Road Trippin’ To Maltwerks

On The Road With The Duluth Experience

We left Duluth at 7am on a rainy April morning with a motley crew of brewers from three local breweries – Alex “Coke” Chocholousek (Fitger’s Brewhouse), Benjamin Gipson (Canal Park Brewing Company), and Mark, Andrew, and Eric (Ursa Minor Brewing). Also in attendance were Kris McNeal, Nathan Anderson, and Dave Grandmaison (me!) from The Duluth Experience.

Our adventure took us on a day trip to Detroit Lakes for a guided tour at The Maltworks malt house. The 3.5-hour road trip to DL flew by as we sipped coffee, munched on gas station donuts, and talked about the Twin Ports Craft Beer Scene.

maltwerks tour

The road trip crew. Back row (L to R): Kris, Coke, Mark, Andrew, Nathan. Front row: Benjamin and Eric. Not pictured: Dave. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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Even before we made it to our destination, I knew that Kris and I had made the right decision to make the Maltwerks tour happen. Sure, we had to step away from The Duluth Experience for a day but the road trip was something we both needed. Just a little break from the spring and summer planning and an opportunity to learn some new information about the craft beer scene.

More importantly, it was good for the brewers. The educational component was key, no doubt. But the chance to get these guys together for a day – away from their breweries, away from Duluth – to hang out and build relationships… that was (in my mind) the greatest benefit of the trip. We left Duluth as beer industry professionals and spent the rest of the day as friends on a road trip. It was a blast.

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