Meet Courtney Lovas

Duluth Experience Guide And Craft Beer Adventurer

We’re so excited to share another guide video with you. We’ve had a blast producing these short vignettes and finding fun ways to introduce our guests to our fantastic guides before they even arrive for a tour. In this post, we’re focusing on Courtney Lovas.

Courtney joined The Duluth Experience Team in 2018 and we are thankful that she did! Courtney is quick to connect with our guests and has the experience and expertise to create incredible craft beer experiences for our guests.

Courtney has a wealth of event planning experience that she brings to the table. Having organized craft beer festivals for a small Madison company before relocating to Duluth, Courtney understands the craft beer scene and the importance of storytelling. Today, Courtney works for The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild where she coordinates large-scale beer festivals – including our favorite… All Pints North!

Courtney has quickly become a core member of our Brewery Tour Team and we’re excited for you to meet her on your next brewery tour in Duluth!

Learn more about Courtney and the rest of our amazing team on our Team Page

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