Meet Kris McNeal

Outdoorsman And Duluth Experience Leader

Kris loves to share his passion for the outdoors with our guests – whether it’s on the river, on a bike, in a kayak, or on the craft beer trail – Kris’ endless energy and dedicated leadership is what makes The Duluth Experience such a fantastic place to work.

Kris was our very first employee here at The Duluth Experience when he joined the team back in 2013. Kris took a leadership role right away, developing our Adventure Tour Program – all of the foundational work that goes unseen by our guests but creates the platform for our guides to work their magic on tour. Kris brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in adventure travel and outdoor education to The Duluth Experience and that helped to place our small company at the top of every reputable list of things-to-do in Duluth.

In 2015, Kris became a co-owner at The Duluth Experience and continues to craft new ways of delivering 5-star experiences to our guests and our guides.

In his free time, Kris will be found exploring the woods and waters of Duluth with his wonderful wife Anni and their pups Baker and Sunny.

Thanks Kris! You’re a great partner, a fantastic leader, and the best of friends!

Learn more about Kris and the rest of our amazing team on our Team Page

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