Meet Lisa Malcomb

Gardener, Tour Guide, and Art Teacher

Lisa started guiding with The Duluth Experience in early 2019 and – in a very short time – has become an important member of our core guiding staff. Her knowledge as a home brewer and her background in teaching has been a huge asset to our team. Lisa’s guests consistently mention her ability to connect people with the stories behind the growth in the local craft beer scene.

Combining her vast technical brewing knowledge with an uncanny ability to lead groups and a fun-filled approach to guiding, Lisa has proven herself to be an amazing guide with a passion for her craft. I hope that you’ve had an opportunity to join Lisa for one of our Duluth Brewery Tours. If you haven’t… you’d better stop over for some fun.

p.s. Lisa also bakes some fantastic cupcakes…

We are very lucky to have Lisa on our team and we hope that you get a chance to meet her on a Brewery Tour!

Learn more about Lisa and the rest of our amazing team on our Team Page!

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