Meet Nik Nerburn

History Guide And Creative Storyteller

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our newest guides in our City Tour Program, Mr. Nik Nerburn.

Nik joined The Duluth Experience this summer and has been leading a bunch of amazing City Tours for our guests. In fact, Nik has quickly become one of our most popular guides in his short time with our team. Nik has a knack for weaving stories from Duluth’s past in ways that make the history of this town come to life. Great storytelling, combined with Nik’s ability to connect with people on a meaningful level make him a great representative of The Duluth Experience.

In addition to being a fantastic guide, Nik is a gifted artist and a heck of a nice guy. Check out Nik’s video to learn more.

We hope you get a chance to get in on one of Nik’s tours this season. Join us this October for The Dark History Bus Tour and find out what all the buzz is about.

You’ll love it!

Learn more about Nik and the rest of our amazing team on our Team Page!

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