Meet Shannon Laing

A Champion For Lincoln Park

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet Shannon, you get it. She’s a fantastic woman with a knack for storytelling that engages and entertains.

Shannon is a tireless advocate for Lincoln Park where she works as a community organizer for Ecolibrium3 – a local nonprofit focused on community and economic development in the neighborhood. She is a true champion for this community and we are proud to have her expertise put to use on our Lincoln Park Walking Tour where she takes our guests for one of the most unique experiences you can possibly imagine.

We’re grateful that Shannon joined The Duluth Experience Team in 2018. Since that time, she has helped us develop an amazing walking tour in Lincoln Park, showcase the amazing community development taking place in the neighborhood, and highlight the people and businesses working for positive change in our community.

Thanks for everything that you do, Shannon!

Learn more about Shannon and the rest of our amazing team on our Team Page!

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