New Tour Showcases Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District

We’re Going Behind-The-Scenes in Lincoln Park

We are super excited to announce the brand new Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour! Starting May 27th, we’ll be guiding walking tours that include a bit of Lincoln Park history and a bunch of exciting new energy that is shaping the neighborhood’s revitalized identity as Duluth’s Craft District. Kyle and the City Team have been busy compiling all sorts of great information about Lincoln Park and we’ve lined up up an amazing list of collaborators that includes Bent Paddle Brewing Company, Duluth Pottery, Frost River, and OMC Smokehouse!

Click here to view the tour schedule!

Lincoln Park Craft District

The Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour begins at Bent Paddle Brewing Company and follows a leisurely route that sets the stage with a bit of Lincoln Park history and creates an immersive experience with local artisans. The tour focuses on Lincoln Park’s recent revival and the inspiration for the neighborhood’s exciting new identity as a nexus for hand-made craftsmanship. Our Team has developed content and compiled stories that create an inspiring narrative about where Lincoln Park has been, where it is now, and where The Craft District’s vision will take it in the future.

Then it’s time for exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours that we’ve designed to connect you with the amazing artisans and small business owners who are shaping The Craft District’s current culture and future plans. Our first stop is OMC Smokehouse where we learn about the Hanson family’s efforts to revitalize Lincoln Park – from the early days when they started the Duluth Grill to their down-home barbecue joint and their plans for Corktown Deli. Then – this is going to be awesome – we’re get to learn about and experience their approach to preparing smoked meats. I’m getting hungry just writing about this!

OMC Smokehouse Lincoln Park

OMC Smokehouse has a unique brand of hand-crafted, house-smoked barbecue made with a focus on local, fresh and clean ingredients. Image: OMC Smokehouse.

The second stop on the new tour is Duluth Pottery where we explore the artistic lifestyle with owner – and artist – Karin Kraemer. Karin has a long history in the Twin Ports but just recently relocated to her gallery-studio in Lincoln Park – a historic space with an interesting story… just like Karin herself! Karin’s pieces are decorated with colorful, loose brushwork that captures color and movement… flowers from her garden swaying in the breeze or soft sunlight coming in the window to illuminate the room. It’s beautiful, functional art with a depth of artistry and meaning. Karin and I have been talking about collaborating for years and now we’re doing it!

Duluth Pottery Lincoln Park

Karin’s pottery style uses a hand painted tin glaze technique called Maiolica and she creates “functional pots and tiles that are meant to celebrate the day”. Image: Duluth Pottery.

Then it’s off to Frost River where we’re going behind-the-scenes to explore the process their team uses to craft hand-made canoe packs, backpacks, briefcases, luggage and accessories that are shipped across the country and around the world. Owner Chris Benson and his Team have played an active role in helping to encourage development in the Craft District and support small business owners looking to invest in the neighborhood. We’re excited to help tell their story and introduce our guests to their unique approach to community development.

Frost River Lincoln Park

Frost River makes waxed canvas goods from their home in Lincoln Park. Image: Frost River.

We’re finishing up this amazing new experience at Bent Paddle Brewing Company – a Lincoln Park business that we’ve worked with since their beginnings and a Team that we’re always excited to collaborate with on new projects. In just a few short years Bent Paddle has established itself as a catalyst for the growing community of craft-centric businesses finding a home in Lincoln Park while remaining laser focused on producing high-quality, award-winning brews. We’ll explore their new pilot brewery and taproom with our guests and sit down for a celebratory pint as we reflect on the excitement buzzing around The Lincoln Park Craft District. It’s going to be epic!

Bent Paddle Lincoln Park

We’re excited to explore Bent Paddle’s new pilot brewery and taproom this summer! Image: Bent Paddle Brewing Company.

We hope you’ll join us this summer and celebrate The Lincoln Park Craft District. Cheers!

Learn more about The Lincoln Park Craft District Walking Tour and join the celebration of local business and the artistic lifestyle!

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