Sampling Brews In Duluth

Memorable Craft Beer Experiences Are Delicious

The Duluth Experience has been promoting the local craft beer scene since 2013. Our approach is to combine the fun of exploration and discovery with personalized experiences that help make a deeper connection between our guests and the amazing breweries that have put The Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior at the top of any serious craft beer drinker’s list of must-visit destinations.

It’s even more meaningful (for us) when we get to see local guests coming back again and again…

That’s why we were thrilled to see Lisa’s review come in on our TripAdvisor Page. Lisa and her husband are locals who value meaningful (and fun) experiences. And they love sharing their experiences with their friends. Her review says it all.

Note:I had the fun of guiding Lisa’s most recent brewery tour and I had a blast too! It really means a lot to us to see folks coming back for more and more experiences with our team. It’s that warm fuzzy feeling when you know you’ve nailed the guest experience. Thanks Lisa!

Thanks for reading, sharing, and (hopefully) joining us for your next craft beer adventure. I look forward to seeing you on the beer trail!

“We have been on several tours with The Duluth Experience, from a few brewery tours, to kayaking, and soon curling. They are a great bunch of people, very knowledgeable & passionate about the area. We always have fun with them & look forward to more tours in the future. This brewery tour included Thirsty Pagan Brewing, Hoops Brewing & Blacklist Beer. Tasty & fun!”

~ Lisa N. | Hermantown, MN

sampling brews in duluth

Lisa and her crew explore Thirsty Pagan Brewing during our Saturday Morning Special Brew Tour. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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