Top 5 Polar Plunge Tips

Pro Tips From Our Polar Plunging Team

This year’s Polar Plunge is coming up quick and The Duluth Experience Team is taking the plunge again this year to support Special Olympics Athletes in Minnesota. We’ve got a lofty goal of exceeding last year’s fundraising effort… will you help?!

Make a donation today and be a real hero to Minnesota’s Special Olympics Athletes!

And if you’re planning to jump in for charity, check out our tips for a successful polar plunge!

duluth experience polar plunge team

This event raises important funding for Special Olympics Athletes in Minnesota. Help make a difference by donating today. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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1. Think Warm, Drink Warm

It’s gonna be cold folks and the best way to prepare is to think warm and drink warm. This is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental challenge. In fact, a bit of meditation before your plunge can actually raise your core temperature at will. It’s true. Researchers have discovered that breathing techniques practiced by Tibetan monks can stimulate their metabolism and generate heat. According to the study, one of the techniques involves deep concentration while envisioning flames at the base of the spine. Mind over matter? Maybe a little sno-ga?

ice yoga polar plunge

Try a little ice yoga before your plunge. But please… wear some shoes. Image: The Duluth Experience.

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If meditation isn’t your thing, or you want a little bit of physical support, sip warm fluids prior to the plunge. Although drinking a piping-hot cup of coffee or tea won’t do much to raise your core body temperature, it will briefly warm up your hands, mouth and stomach… and it tastes and feels good.

2. Costumes are Great (but the less clothing… the better)

Cool costumes will keep you warm. Just kidding. They will, however, make you look super awesome as you prepare to jump in the icy waters. Lots of folks coordinate team costumes… you’ll have to wait and see what The Duluth Experience comes up with this year. One important consideration is that you should minimize the clothing that you wear as part of your costume. The more fabric there is, the more ice you’ll have to deal as your clothing freezes.

polar plunge costumes

Costumes are fun! Image: The Duluth Experience.

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It’s also critical to bring a bag for dry clothes and a plastic bag for your wet clothes after you’ve plunged. Try to bring a dry change of clothing that is easy to put on. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re cold and wet are clumsy zippers and buttons!

3. Bring a Towel

This is pretty much common sense but you’d be surprised at how many folks forget their towel. Don’t do it. You’ll want a towel… big time.

frozen towel

Here’s a basic tip… bring a towel! Image: The Duluth Experience.

4. Wear Shoes… and Bring an Extra Pair

Everyone jumping is required to wear shoes (sneakers work great). Make sure to wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. You’ll have to walk onto the ice and you may have to wait a moment for folks ahead of you to jump. Without shoes… your feet would freeze to the ground and that’s a major problem.

frozen shoes

Make sure to bring an extra set of dry shoes to wear after your plunge! Image: The Duluth Experience.

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Here’s the most important piece of advice we’ll give you: don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes to wear afterwards!

5. Have You Post-Plunge Warm-Up Plan Dialed In

You’ve jumped into the water, you’re shivering and smiling, and wondering what’s next. Well, we recommend you stop into one of the local watering holes and get yourself a victory beverage. The event takes place in Canal Park so you’ve got a lot of great options. Just make a plan and celebrate with your Team!

What is the Polar Plunge?

The annual Polar Plunge challenge engages thousands of brave jumpers at numerous locations around the state for a common cause. It’s a great way for everyone — individuals, organizations and businesses — to get involved in supporting Special Olympics Minnesota. The best part… all of the money raised goes to programming and events for more than 8,200 Minnesota athletes.

polar plunge mn

Infographic showing how Polar Plunge donations are used. Image:

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Make a donation today and be a true hero to Minnesota’s Special Olympics Athletes!

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