Volunteering In Duluth

Annual Spring Cleanup On Skyline Parkway

Every spring, volunteers head out to pick up garbage along our beloved Skyline Parkway and build community around a sense of place and duty to make a positive impact in our city. The Skyline Parkway Spring Cleanup is an inspiring event with fantastic people and it’s become a great tradition for The Duluth Experience.

Skyline Parkway Spring Cleanup

Thanks to all the volunteers who joined us to clean up Skyline Parkway! Image: The Duluth Experience

We wanted to take a quick moment to thank the volunteers who have joined us and the local organizations that have supported this community effort.

Specifically, we’d like to thank Duluth Parks & Recreation – these folks coordinate a variety of cleanup efforts across the city (check out the Parks Volunteer Calendar to see upcoming volunteer opportunities) and provide all of the supplies needed to make the cleanup a success. The Skyline Cleanup wouldn’t be possible without their support.

We also want to give a shoutout to Lake Superior Brewing Company and Whole Foods Coop for providing promotional support and sponsoring the after-cleanup celebration by donating space, brews, and food for the volunteers. It’s also important to mention Pam and Dale Kleinschmidt who have continued to delight our volunteers with their brats each year.

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