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The Duluth Experience was founded in 2013 by Dave Grandmaison and a team of dedicated Duluthians who saw an opportunity to elevate the travel experience in our community. Back in 2013, Duluth was changing. A new generation of passionate entrepreneurs were stepping forward to create a new community and re-define Duluth’s identity. Breweries were launching. Miles of mountain bike trails were being built. Artisans were reinvigorating neighborhoods like Lincoln Park. All the while, locals and visitors were looking for new ways to connect with the energy buzzing through the city.

The idea for The Duluth Experience was born.

The Duluth Experience Team

Re-Designing The Travel Experience

Our team knew that authentic Duluth experiences could be more connected, more meaningful, and more fun. The “same-old, same-old” wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So… our team applied own travel experiences and appreciation for true hospitality to our business idea and crafted a vision for a new kind of hospitality travel service built upon a deep sense of place, an appreciation for local business, a passion for outdoor adventure, and a deep pride for our region’s past, present, and future.

Passion, Thirst, And Service

For a truly authentic hospitality-focused company, it’s not about numbers of guests, revenues generated, or bottom lines. It’s about each guest, memories generated, and crossing the line into meaningful travel experiences. It’s always been about passion. Our guides are passionate individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds and an eagerness to share their passion for Duluth with their guests. We know that connections are important and our team is passionate about creating opportunities for connections at every bend in the trail, every sample of craft beer, and every story from Duluth’s past, present, or future.

We know that our guests have a thirst for new experiences that will enrich their lives and we share that thirst! It’s exciting to learn new things, develop new relationships, and craft new experiences. That’s part of our drive. We follow a principle of continual learning and foster an inquisitive sensibility that encourages our guides to grow as individuals and as a team. In doing so, we help create opportunities for that same growth in our guests.

Without a doubt, The Duluth Experience is a hospitality-focused company led by a team that values our guests’ decision to visit Duluth. From that appreciation springs a sense of service – to our guests, to our community, and to each other. That’s why we step outside of our day-to-day schedules to help better our community. From organizing community paddle events with The Northland Paddlers Alliance and leading The Annual Skyline Parkway Spring Cleanup to assisting with trail maintenance along The Superior Hiking Trail and volunteering at The Domiano Center… we believe in a service ethic. It benefits our team, it benefits our guests, and it benefits our community.

Superior Hiking Trail Maintenance

Nick, Bud, Aiden, Kris, Jonee, and Kyle doing their part to maintain a part of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth.

Who We Are: Travelers & Hosts

Our Team is diverse group of fun-loving individuals who share a passion for Duluth. We are educators, outdoor professionals, beer brewers, researchers, local business leaders, and above all… ambassadors for Duluth! We create experiences founded on one simple principle: Duluth is an amazing town and we’re here to show you its very best… the best beer… the best stories… and the best adventures. If you’re looking to connect with the local craft beer scene, learn about Duluth’s rich history, or experience the epic outdoor adventures that make Duluth the #1 outdoor recreation town in the nation…. then welcome to The Duluth Experience… we live it every day and we’re excited to share it with you.

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What We Do: Craft Meaningful Experiences

Outdoor Adventures

Our guided adventures combine learning, exercise, and exploration. Whether you’re kayaking on Lake Superior, mountain biking on The Duluth Traverse, or pedaling a road bike along the scenic North Shore… we focus on the logistics so you can focus on the fun! Our scenic adventures are designed for all ages and skill levels.

Brewery Tours

Hop on the brew bus and go behind-the-scenes at Duluth’s most exciting breweries. You’ll meet the brewers, sample the beer, explore the breweries, and make a personal connection with the Duluth craft beer scene. Our brewery tours are a fun and engaging way to become part of Duluth’s amazing craft beer scene.

Duluth City Tours

Explore Duluth with fun, knowledgeable guides and discover the stories behind Duluth’s rich history and exciting future. Experience the city from the comfort of our tour bus or join a leisurely walking tour to discover why Duluth is the #1 travel destination in Minnesota. We’re proud of Duluth and excited to show you why.

Our Team has created a bunch of fun and engaging tours. Are you looking for fun outdoor adventures? We’ve got a bunch of amazing kayak and cycling tours to choose from. Do you want to learn more about our great City of Duluth? Then check out our City Tours lineup – we’ve got bus tours and walking tours designed to connect you to Duluth. Maybe you’re looking a craft beer adventure and an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience with the North Shore Craft Beer Scene… we’ve go you covered!

Outdoor Adventure

We combine expert guides, experiential learning, and local knowledge to create fully-supported day trips connecting you to amazing adventures that are safe and accessible to all skill levels. Our Team has a deep passion for adventure and we’re excited to share our knowledge of the region’s natural and cultural history with you along the way. Whether you’re into a leisurely pedal along the picturesque North Shore, exploring Duluth’s epic mountain bike trails, or paddling the open water of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River, we’ve got a variety of adventures to suit your style.

Epic Storytelling

We believe that great storytelling and local insight are key for creating high-quality tours and memorable experiences. That’s why we did the research to discover some of the most compelling stories from Duluth’s history… stories that set the context for explaining where Duluth is today and where it might be tomorrow. Then we combined that local knowledge with amazing guides who weave Duluth’s story in fun and interactive tours designed to introduce you to Duluth’s rich history.

Locally Crafted Beer

We love craft beer and we’re excited to introduce you to the people and businesses producing the finest concoctions of water, yeast, malt, and hops in the Northland. The North Shore Craft Beer Scene is expanding and the quality of the local beer is drawing craft beer enthusiasts from around the region. We created our Brewery Tours so we could share our connection to the craft beer community with you. We’re proud of what our friends at the breweries and distilleries have achieved and we’re convinced that Duluth really is the Craft Beer Capital of Minnesota. Join us for a Brewery Tour and explore The North Shore Craft Beer Scene in style!

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